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Privacy is a big talking point these days and an entire book could be dedicated to explaining data storage, tracking, analytics and sharing. So we'll keep this as simple as possible. We engineered Budget Forward to work solely on your devices. We don’t require you to create an account and we can’t see any of your data. We don’t share your data with anybody because we don’t capture it in the first place. If you are syncing your data, it will use your iCloud account to do so. This means that a copy of your Budget Forward data will be stored in your iCloud account. We cannot see this data either. If you are backing up your devices either through iTunes or iCloud, your data will be copied to your computer or iCloud account respectively. We cannot access this data in any way. In short, we want your data to be yours and we don’t want to see it, analyse it or sell it.

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Getting Started

Thursday, 11 June 2020

It can be really daunting to start budgeting, so here we take a look at the structure of a plan in Budget Forward and the best way get started.


Thursday, 11 June 2020

What is a Plan