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An overview of what Budget Forward can do.

Budget Forward

Budget Forward is an advanced financial planning app which helps you take a budget from design to execution. Whether you already have an existing plan or you want to start with a simple budget, evolve and perfect it over time, Budget Forward makes it easy to build and visualise your future plans.

Build budgets for income, expenses and allowances and watch our powerful simulator apply them to standard accounts, loans and credit cards. The simulator even takes cumulative interest and offset accounts into consideration.


All of this is achieved without requiring credentials for your bank accounts or by sharing any data outside of your personal devices. And it has been designed to minimise the ongoing entry of data.

Duplicate your plan and experiment with changes to see what is possible. What does the future look like if you change to that new job you are looking at? Move to another country? Have a baby? Buy your dream home? Budget Forward can help you do the numbers and, if you like what you see, put the plan into action and make it happen.

Building a detailed plan can be daunting. This is why we have integrated help throughout the app so you always have somewhere to turn if you get stuck. And because the nature of Budget Forward is to keep you focused on the future, even if you do neglect it for a while, you can be up and running in minutes by simply updating the current balance of your accounts. Budget Forward will take it from there.

Budget Forward can do far more than just showing you the difference between your income and expenses. Because it knows when these occur, it can give amazingly accurate estimations of your available balance in your accounts at any point in time. You can see how much is budgeted for future expenses and you can even have money allocated in pocket accounts for things like goals and spending allowances. Once you have a good plan together, you can use any income that isn’t accounted for in your budget, and direct it to your goals. Goals can help you save for a large purchase, repay a credit card, repay a loan or even offset a loan. You will see reminders to contribute additional funds to goals - and like everything in Budget Forward, goals are completely fluid and will adjust amounts and dates instantly when you update information elsewhere in your plan.


We are firm believers in products that keep your data private. We do not have any access to your data and all of the simulation is done on your device. Syncing is handled with your iCloud account and we also do not have access to this data. Read our full Privacy Policy