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Here are some of most frequently asked questions about Budget Forward.

Yes. Allowances, using pocket accounts, were designed with this in mind.

Yes. This can be handled using our advanced recurrence abilities.

Absolutely. In fact Budget Forward was designed with this in mind. Your accounts don't even need to be bank accounts, it could be a safe or a moneybox.

No, the idea of Budget Forward is to only enter information when it either deviates from your plan, or when you are specifically tracking spend as an allowance in it's own pocket account.

Only iOS at this point in time, although we are hoping to launch a MacOS App soon and we will consider other platforms in the future.

Yes. Budget Forward simulates cumulative interest including offsets.

It doesn't matter. Budget Forward is made to focus on the future. What's done is done. Simply update the balances of your accounts and everything continues from today according to your plan.

No, The Budget Forward app helps you see what is possible with a plan and therefore lets you make your own financial decisions.

No. All of the processing is done on your own device.

No, in fact it was specifically designed so that you do not need to connect it to your bank account.